Workshop SHORTFILM – from the initial idea to the final film

Aside from the workshop focusing on work with actors, Matthias Luthardt also runs workshops to facilitate the production of a short fiction film (10-days workshop). The workshop schedule allows every participant to experience the various steps in the production of a film:
1. script development, where required relating to a given topic
2. the casting of actors
3. the preparation of a shooting schedule
4. the shooting (with the various roles distributed): who is the director, who will be the assistant director, who is doing the camera and the camera assistance, who is taking care of script/continuity, light, sound?
5. the post-production: editing, colour correction and sound design, supervised by a professional editor.

At the end of the workshop, each participant receives a DVD of the short film in which he or she was actively involved (also listed in the end credits).

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