Workshop DOCUMENTARY – showing real life

Aside from his fictional work, Matthias Luthardt also makes documentaries in the tradition of observational “direct cinema”, mostly as a director, but also as cameraman or both together (link).

His workshop “Showing real life” is mainly focused on practical work, but includes a methodical introduction to documentary film as a cinematic tradition, covering the questions:
How do I go about doing research? How do I connect with my main character? How do I write an exposé? How can I develop a formal concept? Which camera and sound equipment should I use for my project? Etc.

Another important element of the workshop is a guest lecture by a colleague working in the documentary film business, which may be, for example, the presentation of a case study or a talk on his or her professional experiences (as a director, cameraman or producer of documentaries).

In the second part of the workshop, the participants will go out “into the field” for a research shooting. The footage being shot can subsequently be turned into a short trailer which is useful for access to financing and for establishing contacts with TV stations. On request, FRENCH EXIT can advise on the editing of the trailer.

Recently, in December 2009, Matthias Luthardt held this workshop together with documentary filmmaker Jens Wenkel on the invitation of the Goethe Institut in Lagos, Nigeria.
In co-operation with the Lagos-based International Film and Broadcasting School (run by Nigerian filmmaker Victor Okhai), the young Nigerian filmmakers attending the workshop did a first research shooting for their documentaries dealing with the topic “Spirit and Spirituality in Nigeria”. This project will be continued in 2010.

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