REGISTER NOW!  Workshop DIRECTING ACTORS FOR FILM (March 23rd/24th 2013)An introduction to techniques and practical tools (6 to 12 participants). In this intensive weekend course (in English), film director Matthias Luthardt focusses on the director´s work with the actors. How do I recognize and encourage depth and believability in the actor´s performance? What do I look for during the casting, how do I direct rehearsals, what´s the use of improvisation, how can I communicate clearly and effectively?
The workshop aims at upcoming filmmakers (English speaking) seeking to understand and enhance their skills when working with actors for the screen. The focus lies on a practical exercise – rehearsing, staging, shooting, presenting and analyzing the scene in detail.

Time & venue: Saturday, March 23rd 2013 & Sunday, March 24th 2013 in Castingstudio Berlin-Mitte, Zionskirchstrasse 59, 10110 Berlin

Participation fee:  290,- € incl. VAT / person; 240,- € incl.VAT for students and unemployed people.

REGISTRATION FORM. For further information, please write an e-mail to or call +49 30 23463461.

FRENCH EXIT runs a variety of different workshops. For more details, see below. Workshops can be held in German, English or French, according to requirements.
Prices by arrangement.


“For the camera, the actors have to reveal something, instead of producing something. That requires hard work.”

(Michael Haneke in “Nahaufnahme Michael Haneke. Gespräche mit Thomas Assheuer.” Alexander Verlag, Berlin 2008)

For the most part, the training future directors receive at film school fails to provide them with hands-on experience of working with actors. This is something which demands a precise eye, and a great deal of psychological skill is necessary to help the actors to reveal this “something” to which the Austrian director Michael Haneke refers. In his practical workshops, Matthias Luthardt concentrates on the challenge of this job – one which Jean Renoir has accurately compared to that of a midwife:
“Finally, you know, I consider that my profession as a director is not exactly like a supervisor. No. We are, simply, midwives. The actor has something inside himself but very often he doesn´t realize what he has in mind, in his own heart, and you have to tell him. You have to help him find himself.” (quoted by Judith Weston in: Directing Actors. Creating Memorable Performances for Film and Television. Los Angeles 1996)

Over his many years of experience producing individual showreels for actors, Luthardt has developed effective techniques to correct problems with tone, integrity of performance and over-acting. He has been able to explore and elaborate on these techniques both in his own work, and by participating in workshops held by well-established camera-acting teachers such as Dieter Wardetzky, Simon Phillips and the Berlin-based acting coach Frank Betzelt.
Matthias Luthardt holds this workshop regularly (mostly within 7 days) in Germany and abroad, often in co-operation with the Goethe Institut, Germany’s central cultural institution which operates worldwide.

Institutions which have hosted this workshop up to now include (selection):

Goethe Institut & Faculty of Film and Theatre Skopje (Macedonia)
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ) & Great Lakes Filmproduction in Kampala (Uganda)
Goethe Institut & Faculty of Fine and Performing Arts in Dar es Salaam (Tanzania)
Kölner Filmhaus (independent film school Cologne, Germany)

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