2008, long fiction, 80 min., screenplay: Johanna Stuttmann, EIKON Südwest / SWR

Helen (Franziska Petri) lost her husband (Pasquale Aleardi) in a maritime disaster, his corpse was never found. A year later she meets him at a classical concert. But is it really him? Helen is spending a night between delusion and truth.

42. Internationale Hofer Filmtage 2008
30. Filmfestival Max-Ophüls-Preis Saarbrücken (Wettbewerb) 2009
59. Internationale Filmfestspiele Berlin 2009,
Special Screening Dublin Internatinal Film Festival 2009
39. Kiev International Film Festival 2009, Sektion “Our Participants”
11. Mumbai Film Festival 2009, Sektion “World Cinema”
Press reviews:

“The film is especially convincing in its mise-en-scène, which exhudes an inherent intensity as well as featuring some captivating images (DOP: Christian Marohl). This fairy tale for adults exhibits an astounding certainty of milieu.“ (Rüdiger Suchsland: Death and the Maiden. Hofer Filmtage takes a look into the future of German cinema. Berliner Zeitung, 30.10.08)

“(…) and now begins a game of deception and self-deception, approach and rejection which Luthardt tells masterfully from the just-off-reality-perspective of his main character.” (Hanns-Georg Rodek: Karoline, Helene, Nina, Sandra, Franziska…and Angelina. The Hofer Filmtage festival shows: young German film is all about the women. DIE WELT, 27.10.2008)

“Matthias Luthardt (Pingpong) sets to work with a ferociously determined concentration. The director maintains his subtly balanced construction of illusion and reality, leaving everything in abeyance until the very end.” (Julian Hanich: Times were good. Tagesspiegel, 27.10.2008)

“Der Tag, an dem ich meinen toten Mann traf by Matthias Luthardt is a coherent drama: An outwardly calm, inwardly thrilling film that shows love, life and death in muted colours.” (Tobias Kessler: Life, Love, Death on Lake Constance. Saarbrücker Zeitung, 7.1.2009)

Scene aus ping pong


2006, long fiction, 90 min., screenplay (with Meike Hauk) and directing, Junifilm / HFF Potsdam

Paul, 16 years old, turns up uninvited to visit his relatives. Having recently lost his father, Paul is searching for an ideal world, and he intrudes upon the seemingly ideal family.
After rejecting him at first, Aunt Anna gradually gets him on her side. Paul is attracted to her. Only after it is too late does he realize that he has been drawn under her control, and is now at her mercy.
Paul’s pain drives him into an act of desperation.

World Premiere: Cannes International Film Festival 2006, Semaine de la Critique
German Premiere: Munich Film Festival 2006

Press reviews:

“Such an evil little world which Luthardt reveals in his film, wonderful to see.”
Jan Schulze-Ojala, Tagesspiegel

“This film is astonishingly dense in its narration and elegant in its production.”
Jacques Mandelbaum, Le Monde

“Rarely has it been more exciting to watch almost nothing happening. (…) Maybe it is only the minutest vibrations between people which, in the end, lead to the greatest catastrophes. It is these vibrations which Matthias Luthardt captures in his film: the invisible. What else is there for a true filmmaker to do?”
Kerstin Decker, Tagesspiegel

“It is astonishing with what immense narrative and stylistic assurance Luthardt serves up this life on screen – complete with sober portions of awful elegance and sophistication, using the camera to slice through the very fabric of relationships showing, in one shot, Paul’s inner tormoil, Robert’s jealousy and Anna’s cold calculation.”
Birgit Glombitza, DIE ZEIT

Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, winner of the 4th Independent Camera prize, the main prize awarded by Czech television for the best film at the “Forum of Independent Films” (2007)
Studio Hamburg prize in the section “Best Feature Film” (2007)
Festival de Cannes, Semaine de la Critique: SACD Screenwriting Award, OFAJ Young Critics Award “Best Feature” (2006)
Munich Film Festival, prize for the most promising German film in the section “Best Script” (2006)
Brussels Film Festival, prize awarded by the TV station RTBF (2006)
Giffoni Film Festival, Bronze Gryphon Award, “Y Gen” section (2006)
First Steps Award, Nomination in the section “Feature-length Newcomer” (2006)
DEFA Foundation – Film Award (2006)
European Film Prize, Nomination in the section “European Newcomer” (2006)
“Debut Biber”, First Feature Film Award at Biberach Film Festival (2006)

German Website of the film:
(German) information from the film’s producers:
Audio excerpts (original version):
Press kit from the distributor Arsenal Filmverleih (pdf)
Film poster Germany – France – Spain

filmstill sommerspiele (summergame)

SUMMERGAMES (Sommerspiele)

2005, fiction, 22:30 min., script (with Meike Hauck) and directing, HFF Potsdam

A preparatory study for the long feature “pingpong”.
Paul (Ben Hartmann) is playing table tennis with Robert (Benjamin Kramme). Robert has to practise the piano. Therefore, Paul is playing with Anna (Barbara Demmer). Anna is Robert’s mother.

filmstill 'von wegen wir'

TWO OF US (von wegen wir)

2001, fiction, 7 min., script and directing, HFF Potsdam

The night before a family reunion, Lisa (Wiebke Bachmann) and her brother Hannes (Jonas Hartmann) meet in a hotel. Unexpectedly, they have to share a room for the night.

filmstill blindgänger
filmstill blindgänger

DUDS (Blindgänger)

2001, fiction, 15 min., script (with Martina Klein) and directing, HFF Potsdam
A town, a place, a meeting. Raiko, a convinced loner, wakes up the curiosity of the plain girl Mila. She follows his every move and finally gathers the courage to do something unexpected.

filmstill auszeit

TIME OUT (Auszeit)

2000, short fiction, 6 min., script and directing, HFF Potsdam

A winter`s night, inside a tramway, somewhere in the middle of nowhere. A rendezvous of looks and thoughts. His time out (Matthias Luthardt) is also hers (Esther Zimmering). At least until the terminus.

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