If required, we can put together an individual package for you in addition to the range of services listed below. Prices and further information are available on request.

Script consultation for your fiction film
Matthias Luthardt, who has co-written most of his fiction films, is offering his know-how and experience on a one-to-one basis as a script consultant and practitioner in dialogue writing, polishing and refining (mainly in German language, in exceptional cases in French and English).
The focus lies on the characters and their relationships.
On request, M.Luthardt or one of his colleagues, will analyse, in detailed discussion with the writer and/or the producer (about 2 hours), the strong and weak points of the character constellation, the plot, the subject and dialogues. The aim is to produce concrete solutions. Alternatively, the script analysis can be delivered in written form.
Moreover, Matthias Luthardt provides individual assistance when it comes to the director´s conceptional strategies for his or her project.

Advice on editing your fiction or documentary film
FRENCH EXIT benefits from a network of filmmakers (cinema and television) who provide support for each other during the process of editing their films. An outside perspective, from someone experienced in plot and script analysis, is extremely useful not only in the process of developing stories, but also for the montage, when it comes to inspecting the footage or rough-cut for clarity, logic and emotionality.

According to requirements, Matthias Luthardt can provide consultations on an individual or group basis, together with a select group of colleagues (writers, script consultants, directors).

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