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Here you will find all information about his films, workshops and other projects.

October 2020

From now on online at ARD-Mediathek (available until Oct.11th 2021): the 43-min. documentary AUTUMN 1929 – Shadows above Babylon, written and directed by Matthias Luthardt, produced by zero one Film for RBB and WDR, on the occasion of the German TV-premiere of the 3rd season of “Babylon Berlin”. Cast: Nina Gummig, Fritzi Haberland, Benno Fürmann, Godehard Giese and Sebastian Urzendowsky. Narrator: Nina Kunzendorf.
You can stream the film (in German, without subtitles) here.


May 2020

Work in progress: a 45min-documentary for RBB about Berlin in autumn 1929, produced by zero one, written and directed by Matthias Luthardt. More details will follow soon!

November 2019

The German Ministery of Culture supports the development of the feature film “The Homestory”, written by Matthias Luthardt and Constantin Lieb.
It´s the story about a young jewish journalist who, while working on a homestory about the glamorious couple Fritz Lang and Thea von Harbou in Berlin 1932, gets trapped in private power struggles that reflect the political zeitgeist.

Here´s the press release.


May 2019

On May 4th the real-time documentary “24h Europe – The Next Generation” will celebrate its TV premiere in Germany and France, Belgium and Finland (on, among other channels, ARTE, RTBF and YLE), from Saturday, 6 am to Sunday, 6 am – and will then be shown for one year online on the ARTE– and RBB-platform.
Under the direction of Britt Beyer and Vassili Silovic, Matthias Luthardt was among the 45 directors from all over Europe portraying one of the protagonists in their everyday life. Additionally, in close collaboration with Zero One Film, Basis Berlin and Concept AV, he directed most of the voice recordings for the German version. A journey through a versatile and vital Europe, showing that it´s definitely worth attending the next European elections on May 26th!

November 2018

Find of the month:
The 19-minutes documentary “Abgefahren!” / “Straight ahead!” (Germany 2001) about blind people driving cars – written, directed, edited and produced by Matthias Luthardt.

September 2018

Find of the month:
The documentary WE NEED HOBBIES (54 Min., Germany 2004, written and directed by Matthias Luthardt) about hobby amateur filmmakers and their own programs for the local Public TV.
“This filmmaker found a fascinating story on his own doorstep. He also takes a compassionate approach to his subjects, he is full of respect for these everyday people in the suburbs. It is a well told story, funny, compassionate, and it is about TV. People making their own TV programs is really what documentary making is all about – telling their own stories.“ (Eric Gandini)
Nominated for the Silver Wolf Award at the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam 2004. Click here to watch the film (with English subtitles).

June 2018

Where is Europa going?
Matthias Luthardt is one of 45 European filmmakers involved in the 24h-TV-documentary 24h Europe, produced by zero one 24 and Idéale Audience, in coproduction with Arte. TV-premiere in may 2019.

May 2018

Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg is supporting the script development of our German-French miniseries “Baby alone” (produced by Akzente Film, in coproduction with French Exit), written by Judith Angerbauer and Matthias Luthardt.
We are delighted!

April 2018

Now on youtube: our music video JE TE QUITTE!

Vocals: Odine Johne
Piano: Torsten Knoll
Lyrics: based on a poem by Ludovic Bablon, Odine Johne
Director and Editor: Matthias Luthardt
DoP and VFX: Alexander Sellschopp
Sound Design: Nick Buckton
Original Sound: Jean-Baptiste Moussarie
Actors: Maxwell Thomas Currie, Odine Johne, Torsten Knoll, Mathew Muldoon

February 2018

On the occasion of the Berlin Film Festival ARTE will broadcast, from Februar 17th on, the documentary series CineKino about European cinema. The episodes will be accessible online for three more weeks after the broadcast. More information here:

CineKino ITALY