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Here you will find all information about his films, workshops and other projects.

March 2017

CINEKINO on Arte (German and French version):
Wednesday, 15.3.
21:45-22:10 CineKino Frankreich (directed by Laurent Heynemann)
22:10-22:40 CineKino Belgien (directed by Matthias Luthardt)
Wednesday, 22.3.
21:45-22:10 CineKino Deutschland (directed by Matthias Luthardt)
22:10-22:40 CineKino Italien (directed by Laurent Heynemann)
…and online available on Arte+7!

January 2017


Happy and healthy 2017 to all of you!
Matthias Luthardt is currently working on “CineKino”, a documentary series about European cinema (10 episodes, 26 minutes each), produced by ZeroOne, Berlin and Idéale Audience, Paris. Episode 1 is portraying German cinema, episode 2 Belgian cinema. On Arte in March 2017.

August 2016

DGE Vorderseite DVD Kopie
DVD release of the documentary The Great Evolution by Matthias Luthardt! Online available: here!

July 2016

July 22nd: German DVD release of our film WHITE SHADOW! German filmmaker Doris Dörrie is enthusiastic about it: “This film is awsome! Painful and, at the same time, full of beauty and big emotions.” More information: see Lighthouse Home Entertainment.

May 2016

Der Tag, an dem ich meinen toten Mann traf
Der Spielfilm Der Tag, an dem ich meinen toten Mann traf (Regie: Matthias Luthardt, mit Franziska Petri und Pasquale Aleardi) ist bei GOOD MOVIES! auf DVD erschienen und ab sofort im Handel erhältlich. Weitere Infos hier.


CINÉKINO, a documentary about the intense relationship between German and French cinema (produced by zero one film Berlin / Idéale Audience Paris), will be shown on ARTE:
February 17th 9.35 pm (part 1)
February 24 th 10.15 pm (part 2)
More information here

October 2015

CinéKino french-exit
On the 13th of October, at 2.15 pm., the documentary “CinéKino” (part 1 and part 2) will premiere at the Festival Lumière in Lyon, France, attended by Matthias Luthardt, Laurent Heynemann, Jean Ollé-Laprune and Pierre-Olivier Bardet. More information (in French): here. In his blog Cinésium, Lionel Lacour writes: “For all the lovers of European cinema, German and French cinema, and for those who are still hesitating to imagine that culture is a natural bridge between the people – it is imperative to see this documentary (…)”

JULY 2015

fritz und die krone_kleinjpg
Sunday, 12th of July 2015, 2 pm: Filmscreening DIE GROSSE EVOLUTION (“The big Evolution”) at FSK Kreuzberg, attended by the film crew and protagonists, followed by a discussion between Fritz Schranz and German filmmaker Andres Veiel.

MARCH 2015

ws in paris
11.3.2015 – Official release in French cinemas: WHITE SHADOW , attended by
Hamisi Bazili (Alias) and James Gayo (Cosmos), Noaz Deshe and Matthias Luthardt. Wonderful reviews (in French): Le Monde ; more reviews here
The French release will be followed by the release in Great Britain in March, the 19th 2015.


dreh babelsberg
First days of shooting CINÉKINO, a documentary series about the history of German-French cinema (produced by Zero One Film, Berlin / Idéale Audience, Paris – on behalf of Arte France)
Photo on the left: Shooting at Studio Babelsberg
Sound: Konrad Hülsmann; Camera assistant: Marie Zahir;
DOP: Sophie Maintigneux; Directed by (off-screen): Matthias Luthardt.